Within each design, the components store volumes of information, energy, and matter. Each system is designed to communicate with its different components and other systems with which it is to function.

The communication may be physical, chemical, magnetic, electrical, or other means that are not yet known. This communication initiates the exchange of energy and matter. Pathways of communication develop through neurotransmitters, receptor sites, transmission lines in the expanding form of wires, cables, pipe, nerves, arteries, veins, rivers, roads, waterways, airways, or charted courses throughout space.

After the communication network is established, a transfer of information, energy, and matter is possible between components within the system and with other associated systems. The main function between components and systems is to flow Truth (no false signals), energy, and matter needed by the other components and systems.

The brain obeys the signals it has been given. I believe even the DNA is made more susceptible to altered expression as the neurons are trained. We know gene expression can be altered negatively by toxins or altered positively by good nutrition. It is the author’s conviction that the propensity for improved or altered gene expression can be changed by attitude. This has been considered by many others as the possible cause for placebo response.

Excerpt from Chapter 8 of “Expand Your Mind – Improve Your Brain”.