Neurons are declared to be the most highly advanced and functional cells in the body. You learn, remember, make decisions, interpret, and control muscles with neurons.

Neurons are at the very core of all brain function and at the heart of every neurodegenerative disease. Recent
revolutionary information indicates that we now know we have the potential to foster repair and regeneration of the human brain.

Myelin sheath damage contributes to many health challenges. The myelin sheath is an insulating layer that forms around nerves. It is made up of proteins and fatty substances. This film consists of fat containing cells that insulate the axon from the electrical transmission of signals.

The myelin sheath (a tubular case or envelope) gives the whitish appearance to the white matter of the brain. Myelin cells are included in the category of glial cells. Glial cells function to support the processes of neurons in a variety of ways.

For the brain to work, it must be connected and the myelin sheath must be intact. The proliferation of new neurons and repair of the myelin sheath may both be possible.

Excerpt from Chapter 5 of “Expand Your Mind – Improve Your Brain”.